Studio 6 specializes in the music of the 90's, along with big band, 70's, Motown and 80's.
Studio 6

About Us

Studio 6  began in 1989 as a high tech, high energy Top 40 group consisting of the newest, state of the art, music equipment and sequencing techniques. Completely computer operated, Studio 6 has always been able to duplicate flawlessly the new music people have enjoyed dancing to throughout the years. The band has played for many nightclubs, country clubs, private parties, corporate events, television and radio spots, wedding receptions and as featured casino entertainment. 
Rosanne, our female lead vocalist, is outstanding and brings lots of experience to the group. She is our specialist for your ceremony music, singing any style of music you request. Her expertise with pop, top 40, big band standards, country and yes, classical, is unequalled. She also contributes on keyboards and is one of the most noted vocal coaches on the east coast. 

Denny, contributes by adding trumpet and french horn to the brass ensembles and Studio 6. He is also one of the band's lead vocalists and acts as the band's music programmer and booking agent.

Lydia, adds a lot of flare with her talent on sax, flute and vocals. An accomplished artist, Lydia can also be seen featured in big bands throughout the area. 

Eric, an accomplished trombone player who puts the finishing touch on all the horn parts and is also featured in Big Bands throughout the area. 

Mac N. Tosh, drums, bass, guitar, strings and sound efx, 'Mac' is the perfect band member. His timing and memory is perfect. Mac holds the group together night after night. 

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